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November 23, 2021 6 min read

The holiday season is upon us, and with it the ever-present stress of finding the perfect present for everyone on your list.

There are the usual suspects, of course: your co-workers, friends and family members who have been requesting specific presents from you year after year. But then there’s that one person on your list – or perhaps several people – for whom you can never seem to think up something they don’t already own.

If they happen to be coffee lovers, then this gift guide is the answer to your problems! This guide has a wide range of moderately priced gifts sure to please both novice coffee drinkers and coffee aficionados alike.

Yeti Travel Mugs

The Yeti mug is the perfect travel accessory for coffee drinkers. It keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold, which means that it’s great for travel. The design of the Yeti mug was based on a need to keep drinks at their desired temperature longer than other mugs. This means you can drink your beverage when you want without worrying about it getting too cool or too warm before hand.

With its double-walled insulation, the Yeti mug will not sweat like most insulated cups do; this makes them ideal for both indoors and outdoors use, as well as in any climate. Finally, they are very durable because they are made with rugged stainless steel that does not break easily like glass mugs may if dropped or mishandled in any way.

Having tried several travel mugs over the years, Yeti is far and away our favorite brand!


Bodum French Press

Bodum is a well-known name in home brewing thanks to its line of French presses. They have been around for decades and are still going strong because they brew great tasting coffee that's easy to make. The Bodum Chambord French Press is the perfect place to start for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite morning pick me up without having to go out!

The first thing you'll notice about this classic design is how elegant it looks, with its black handle and shiny chrome frame. This alone will give your countertop an instant upgrade! But don't be fooled by appearances—the inside of the press has plenty of features too, including a double-walled construction designed so that heat doesn't escape as you brew your coffee. This means that you'll get hot, delicious-tasting coffee with each use!

The Bodum Chambord also has a French press lid design which makes it easy to pour without spilling or burning yourself in the process. Plus, it comes apart for easy cleaning—just remember not to put parts of the plunger in the dishwasher. All of these features add up to a stylish, no-nonsense method for making coffee in your own kitchen!

Porlex Grinder

A coffee grinder is a device that grinds up whole coffee beans to make them ready for brewing. The best way to get the freshest, most flavorful cup of coffee is by grinding your own beans. Porlex has been making manual coffee grinders since 1957 and offer quality products at affordable prices. One of our favorite products is their hand-operated Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr. This grinder was designed for smaller batches of ground coffee and it's also portable so you can take it where ever you go!

It features an adjustable ceramic conical burr set which provides a consistent grind from coarse to fine as well as a stainless steel body. This grinder is durable and easy to use thanks to its efficient design, which takes less time than traditional coffee grinders. Porlex hand-operated manual coffee grinders are also very affordable; the one we just discussed retails for around $35!

Ember Cup Warmer

We don't know about you, but a hot cup of coffee is an integral part of our daily routine. But let it sit for a bit and that piping hot cup can start to get cold fast. Enter the Ember Smart Mug. The Ember Smart Mug is a high-tech way to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature from the time you pour it in the morning, all day long.

It's easy to use and gives you the ultimate control over what kind of drink experience you want each morning! The Ember Cup Warmer doesn't have any complicated controls or settings. Just plug it in, place your cup on top of the unit and you're good to go! The heat generated by this product is gentle enough so that it won't burn your hand if you touch the surface but strong enough to keep coffee at a desirable temperature for hours on end.

It's the stuff coffee lovers' dreams are made of.

Instant Milk Frother

Write a couple of paragraphs about why the Instant Milk Frother is a great product for making perfectly frothed milk to add to your coffee, espresso, or even hot chocolate!

Milk frothers are devices that use electricity or heated water to produce steam and foam milk - perfect for the amateur home barista! They're great for adding a little extra flavor and fun to your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The Instant Milk Frother by Instant Pot is our favorite because it's easy to use and doesn't require any messy cleanup. It also has the advantage of four unique foaming programs for cold foam, light warm foam, thick warm foam, and warming without foaming. Whatever your foaming needs, Instant Milk Frother has you covered.

It's an an affordable option with many perks, including the ability to create warm foam in a matter of seconds, super quiet technology, and cool-touch casing.

Help the coffee lover in your life up their coffee game with this nifty device!

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

If your coffee lover gravitates to the smooth taste of pour over coffee and wants the best tasting cup possible, the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is a great gift idea. This method of making coffee is well known for its smooth taste and ability to highlight the flavors. It's not surprising that pour over coffee has become increasing popular as it makes a better tasting cup than traditional methods, such as drip machines or French presses. In fact, many people who try this method will never go back!

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker has a sleek and modern eye-catching design that will look great in any kitchen. With its hourglass shape made from borosilicate glass, this method brews your perfect cup without losing heat or flavor like plastic would do! While other pour over coffee makers can cost upwards of $100, this one is affordable and makes delicious tasting cup after cup. It's also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning! What's not to love about that?

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing -- Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

The World Atlas of Coffee makes a great gift idea for just about anyone on your list who loves coffee, but especially those who are interested in being more knowledgeable about the process that goes into making their favorite beverage. The book dives deep into where different beans come from and how they're cultivated and harvested before discussing everything that goes into brewing them to perfection.

It's also beautifully bound and contains stunning photographs, making it a coffee table book that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

This book will give them something to read over and over again while learning new things each time! If you know someone who is passionate about their cup of coffee, then this book makes a perfect gift idea.

Mind-blowingly fresh coffee beans

Every coffee lover knows that the best tasting coffee comes from the freshest beans. Want to win at the gifting game this year? Then give them the freshest beans they can get their hands on from Milwaukee Coffee Co!

Milwaukee Coffee Co. is an independent coffee roaster that specializes in small batches of high quality, freshly roasted beans. We're passionate about providing customers with a superior tasting product to fuel their days, right from the comfort of home. Our beans are roasted within days of being ordered and delivered fresh to your door, making them the ultimate gift for any coffee lover. And with six delicious varieties to choose from, there's something for everybody!

Or better yet, make it a subscription!

Give them the gift that keeps on giving with our coffee subscription! Every two weeks, they'll get freshly roasted beans of their choosing delivered right to their door without lifting a finger. It's the perfect way to keep the coffee fanatics in your life contented and caffeinated all year long. There's no minimum subscription period and you can cancel your subscription at anytime!


And get them a sassy mug to go with it.

Everyone knows if you give a coffee drinker a bag of coffee, you should probably give them a mug to go with it. And we've got some good ones! Peep the shop for a selection of enamel camping mugs and ceramic diner mugs that are just perfect for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

For the coffee lover in your life, this list of our absolute favorite gifts coffee-themed gifts will keep them happy and in coffee (which is essentially the same thing, right?). We hope you find that perfect something for your overly caffeinated special someone!








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