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August 04, 2023 4 min read


Calling all coffee enthusiasts! We know that your love for great coffee knows no bounds, and that includes when you're on the move. That's why we've assembled this ultimate guide to portable coffee brewing methods. Get ready to embark on a journey that will allow you to relish a fantastic cup of coffee no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

And of course, we'll be highlighting the exceptional flavors of Milwaukee Coffee Co. beans throughout this adventure!


Aeropress: Small in Size, Big on Flavor

When it comes to portable coffee brewing, the Aeropress reigns supreme. This compact device is purposefully designed to be your trusted companion on all your escapades. With its user-friendly operation, you can brew a cup of coffee that's bursting with flavor in mere moments. Simply add your Milwaukee Coffee Co. grounds, pour hot water, and apply gentle pressure. The result? A rich and smooth cup of coffee that impresses even the most discerning coffee aficionados.

The Aeropress is celebrated for its versatility, allowing you to experiment with different grind sizes, water temperatures, and brewing times to achieve your desired flavor profile.

Pro Tip: For a bolder cup, try using a finer grind and extending the brewing time. Don't be afraid to experiment with different brewing techniques to discover your perfect Aeropress brew.

Pour-Over Travel Dripper: Where Coffee Meets Adventure

Are you a true aficionado of pour-over coffee? Then the pour-over travel dripper will be your new favorite travel companion. This ingenious invention enables you to revel in the artistry of pour-over brewing no matter where your journeys take you. Its compact design fits neatly atop your favorite travel mug, allowing you to enjoy a personalized pour-over experience on the go.

The pour-over method, known for its precision and clarity of flavor, ensures that each cup is a masterpiece. By carefully pouring hot water over your Milwaukee Coffee Co. grounds in a slow, circular motion, you'll extract the full potential of the beans, unveiling their nuanced flavors and aromas.

Pro Tip: Pre-wetting the filter before adding your coffee grounds helps eliminate any paper taste and ensures an even extraction. Take your time while pouring, allowing the flavors to unfold gradually, resulting in a sublime pour-over experience.


French Press Travel Mug: Press, Sip, Repeat

Indulge in the full-bodied goodness of French press coffee while on the go with a portable French press travel mug. This ingenious concept allows you to carry the essence of a French press wherever your wanderings lead. The French press method, known for its rich and robust character, delivers a deeply satisfying cup of coffee.

By combining your Milwaukee Coffee Co. grounds with hot water in the mug and allowing it to steep, you'll extract the bold flavors that define French press coffee. Once the desired brewing time has elapsed, simply press the plunger, separating the grounds from the liquid, and enjoy the velvety smoothness of each sip.

Pro Tip: To prevent over-extraction, gently plunge the French press just until the mesh filter reaches the surface of the coffee. Avoid pressing too forcefully, as it may result in a bitter taste.


Single-Serve Coffee Pods: Convenience at Its Finest

When convenience is of the utmost importance, single-serve coffee pods offer an unbeatable solution. Fortunately, many coffee pod systems now feature compact, battery-powered devices that are perfect for on-the-go brewing. With Milwaukee Coffee Co. pods in hand, all it takes is a simple push of a button to witness your cup fill with the enticing aroma and the delightful flavor you love.

The single-serve coffee pods ensure consistent results every time, bringing

you the convenience of a coffee shop experience right in the palm of your hand. The carefully portioned pods lock in the freshness of Milwaukee Coffee Co. beans, preserving their exceptional flavors until the moment of brewing. Whether you prefer a smooth and balanced blend or a bold and intense roast, the variety of coffee pod options ensures there's a perfect match for your taste preferences.

Pro Tip: When using single-serve coffee pods, make sure to clean and maintain your brewing device regularly to ensure optimal performance and flavor extraction. Experiment with different pod strengths and flavors to discover new favorites.


Instant Coffee: Quick and Flavorful

We understand that sometimes you need your coffee fix in an instant. That's where instant coffee comes to the rescue. While it may not possess the same intricate depth as freshly brewed coffee, the advancements in instant coffee quality are impressive. Look for specialty instant coffee brands that prioritize preserving the unique flavors and aromas of their beans.

Simply mix with hot water, give it a stir, and relish a decent cup of coffee in seconds. It's the ultimate solution for those moments when brewing equipment isn't readily available.

Pro Tip: To enhance the flavor of your instant coffee, consider adding a splash of milk or a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder. Experiment with different ratios of coffee to water to find the perfect balance for your taste buds.


Coffee is more than just a beverage; it's a passion that fuels us during our journeys. With the right portable brewing methods, you can ensure that your love for coffee is never left behind, no matter where your adventures take you. Whether it's the Aeropress, pour-over travel dripper, French press travel mug, single-serve coffee pods, or instant coffee, each method offers its own unique advantages, allowing you to experience the exceptional flavors and aromas of Milwaukee Coffee Co. beans on the go.

So, before you embark on your next adventure, don't forget to pack your favorite portable brewing method and a bag of Milwaukee Coffee Co. beans. With the perfect equipment and our exceptional coffee, you'll elevate any moment into a coffee lover's paradise. Immerse yourself in the pure joy of a perfectly brewed cup, no matter where your travels may lead.

Adventure awaits, along with the opportunity to savor the rich flavors and aromas that Milwaukee Coffee Co. has to offer. Embrace the convenience, portability, and exceptional taste of these portable brewing methods, and let your coffee journey be a delicious and memorable one.

Wherever your travels may take you, take a moment to indulge in the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee brewed with love, care, and the exceptional beans of Milwaukee Coffee Co.

Cheers to coffee adventures on the go!

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